The word ‘gated community’ has gained tremendous popularity of late. High-end builders are now offering fully-integrated projects to give their clients  a sense of living in their own independent house. But what about the fact that homes are supposed to reflect the personalities of the people who live in it? Can these gated communities actually understand and cater to every single lifestyle need of a family? The answer is Yes! At least that’s what we, at Elysium believe. We don’t just deliver mass run-of-the-mill houses, we deliver homes and lifestyles. We put in the extra effort and planning into research of our target audience and their lives before delivering a home.

Casa del sol

Inspired by the sun, each villa exudes unadulterated energy. The dynamic design brings vitality to life making every home stunning! Elysium Casa Del Sol serves up luxury in its truest sense.


Casa Del Sol, by Elysium Properties befits its setting. The design and infrastructure reflects its remarkable surroundings with a myriad of natural elements incorporated throughout.  With only 70 luxury villas spread over 6.4 acres, this gated community is steeped in luxury limited only by your imagination. This unique integrated villa development allows you to experiment and live in a space that resonates peace and calm.

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