Many home buyers are boggled by this question when it comes down to making a decision about buying a new home – Luxury Apartment or an Independent Villa? Not considering the cost factor, there are several pros and cons for either option. The decision to opt for an independent house or an apartment depends on several factors such as

• Are you buying in a city to which you have resettled. Normally in this case we would have very few family members around?
• The stage of your life i.e single, married without kids yet, having very young kids, having teens who demands their private room, retired?
• If you have a job which may require you to travel frequently or which would involve transfer from current location every few years or you are likely to look for careers in other cities in the future?

These factors are crucial in getting a fair idea as to weather to invest in an independent home or an apartment but there are other general pros and cons to both. Since this decision is very subjective and differs from family to family, we have tired to view advantages of both from a broader perspective.

Advantages of an apartment

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One of the key advantage of an apartment is security. It is much easier to leave an apartment locked while you are traveling.

Facilities such as power and water backup, uninterrupted supply of cooking gas would help you to live a hassle free life.
Maintenance is taken care of.

Services such as plumber, electrician are available on call (from the society) which definitely makes life easier

More socializing with neighbors/society groups etc.,

Easy to rent or re-sell

Independent house

Ask anyone to describe their dream home and it is always an independent house.


An independent house provides you greater degree of freedom. Your own roof, your own land

Ability to design the house as per your wish. Do up the interiors, garden, elevation as per your whims and fancies.

Future modification whenever required.

Sense of privacy

Spacious living areas and family rooms

Gated communities give you a feeling of owning a private independent home while providing you with all the features of an apartment complex like club house/ swimming pool/ tennis courts etc.,

While gated communities are the preferred choice these days, provided the location is good, there are many who prefer the convenience of an apartment. Whatever your pick, make sure you have thought about the points listed above before signing on the dotted line!

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